Calling All Artists!

Artists & Artisans Registration
Festival of the Arts in Creemore and surrounding area
October 1 & 2, 2022

Artists on Location is a weekend-long collaboration of venue owners, artists/artisans, and the Purple Hills Arts & Heritage Society (PHAHS).

We are currently seeking artists interested in displaying artwork in a venue in downtown Creemore and surrounding area venues. October 1 and 2.  

To participate you must be a member of PHAHS (from $25). For more info visit

Purpose of the event:

  • To engage the village and area in the Creemore Festival of the Arts
  • To attract festival-goers with exciting work by artists and artisans
  • To enhance the festival experience for visitors through interactions with artists at each venue
  • To provide a platform for art sales and connections with potential art clients
  • To attract an arts-focused clientele to Creemore to support the business community
  • To promote Creemore as a creative, charming and inclusive destiny
  • To create an opportunity for artists to receive valuable public feedback on their work

If you would like to be part of this event please fill out the form using the links below. To be included in the print materials make sure you submit by August 1st.

Please note that it is appreciated when artists engage with the public. It is an aspect of the festival that is especially meaningful to visitors. The venue owners cannot speak to your art in the same way that you can.

If you have any questions, please contact the Artist Coordinator
Martha Bull | Cell: (416) 546-2555 (text preferred) or by

Deadline for registrations: AUG 1, 2022

Click here to sign up as an Artists on Location

Click here to sign up as a venue