Creemore’s Heritage Walk

Creemore's Heritage Walk
Photo: Purple Hills

Sharing Heritage

The Creemore Heritage Plaques mark historically significant sites around the village and form the basis for the town’s heritage walk.

Walk around the village and you will find markers documenting the history and human stories of the area in words and pictures. By the time you’ve finished, you will know about the Petun Indians, Champlain’s visit in the early 1600s, the coming and the going of the trains, the history of the buildings and the names of people who have shaped today’s Creemore.

This project is an ongoing partnership with the Creemore Springs Brewery.


Creemore's Heritage Plaques: A walking tour



What's in a Name


Life Before Creemore


Our Oldest Business


Creemore's Silent Partner


Saved Our Souls


Village on the Map




An Incredible Journey


Industrial Park


First and Last Train


Log Cabin